Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

With March now in the current, and the Divergent Movie just on the horizon, I can now fully review this series.

I have spent a great deal of time thinking of how best to approach this review.

I started reading these books after I was plagued by Book Hangover from The Mortal Instruments. I was struggling to find something to capture my attention, and I wanted desperately to lose myself inside another world.

I LOVED the first book! I instantly adored Tris. She’s a fighter, strong-willed and stubborn, but intelligent. Four was mysterious, rough, and surprising! The factions and the ideas evoked in me the constant nagging dislike for how the world “must be divided” that human nature leans and stays within the confines of these factions. I kept finding myself wanting to verbally shout, “NO ONE IS ONLY ONE THING!” And I think that is just how she wanted it.

The second book, Insurgent, was, I thought, equally good. The characters become bolder, more brazen, and begin finding themselves. They question the system, push the limits, and survive. you begin to see the range of deceit that cloaks the city, and you rally behind the characters search for truth.

Allegiant. I’m not entirely sure what happened. The whole time I read this book I kept thinking that I was reading some elaborate, long, fanfiction, and that the book was still yet to come out. I kept waiting for Roth to be like, “Just kidding, guys! Here’s the real conclusion!”

If anything, it was disappointing. The build of the action to the climax left much to be desired. I trudged through this book. I made myself sit and read it, the entire time wanting to claw out my eyes.

I won’t spoil it for you, but Roth broke a cardinal rule of novel-writing. I’m a firm believer in learning rules to break them, but you’re playing with fire. Chances of success are slim, less than 50% slim. If you pull it off, it can be amazing, incredible, and awe-inspiring. But, it can also blow up in your face.

Catastrophic novel- explosion.

As a reader, I am damaged from this book. And no, not it a horrific way,  and I’m NOT hating on Roth. I am not advocating for her demise, arrest, or anything like that. She is a fantastic writer. And she’s brave. She took a chance, and unfortunately it didn’t play out right. I do feel like the quality of the work suffered. I don’t know why or how, but writing a book isn’t exactly easy. Trust me. I’ve been trying.

With all that said. I did not like this book. If you want to read them, I suggest you stop at number 2 and use your imagination for the ending.

I now have trust issues with books. You know those cookies, that look like chocolate chip cookies, and then you bite down and expect pure perfection in your mouth but instead you get RAISINS!!

= Trust issues.

Thankfully after I finished this series I had the Shatter Me series to help with the rehab.

I can thankfully say I am doing very well. I even started a new book.

So, READERS, BEWARE! This book has tragedy for an ending, and not the good kind (like Romeo and Juliet, and if you think I’m crazy for that, it’s okay. I just enjoy a proper ending, one that feels right, and has a sense of conclusion. You’ll know it when you feel it.)


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